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Brown Big Tree Raw Tea 布朗大树普洱茶(生茶)375克


Efficacy of brown ancient tree tea 1. Lowering fat, losing weight, lowering blood pressure, and resisting arteriosclerosis. Drinking Pu’er tea for a long time can reduce cholesterol and fat, so drinking Pu’er tea for a long time has the function of treating obesity, because the catechin compounds contained in Brown Mountain Pu’er tea have anti-aging effects.

Efficacy, function and side effects of Pu’er tea from Brown Mountain: the aroma is relatively solid and rich, and the delicate taste has the fragrance of seeds, nectar, and orchid; Very irritating. The nutritional value and efficacy of Brown Mountain Pu-erh tea The bitterness and astringency of Brown Mountain tea must leave a deep impression on people who have tasted it. It can be described as strong, bitterness can be dissolved, and astringency can be transformed. The correctness of Pu-erh tea What is the drinking method? It is bitter and astringent, it will melt slowly, and the recovery and production of body fluid will be strong.