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Imported with Care to Mesa Arizona

Tan Hua Inc, located in Mesa, Arizona, is a premier provider of authentic Chinese imported herbs, teas, and dried goods. With a deep appreciation for traditional Chinese remedies and a dedication to sourcing the highest quality products, Tan Hua Inc has become a trusted destination for those seeking a taste of Chinese herbal medicine and culinary delights. Our extensive selection includes a wide range of medicinal herbs, aromatic teas, and carefully preserved dried goods, all imported directly from reputable suppliers in China. Whether you're seeking specific herbs for their health benefits or looking to explore the rich flavors of Chinese teas and culinary ingredients, Tan Hua Inc is your go-to destination. Our knowledgeable team is passionate about sharing the benefits and cultural significance of these products, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Step into the world of Chinese herbal traditions with Tan Hua Inc and discover the wonders of nature's healing and nourishing treasures.

About the Owner

Rongchan Tan is the visionary entrepreneur and dedicated herbal enthusiast behind Tan Hua Inc. As a woman deeply connected to her Chinese heritage, Rongchan has embarked on a remarkable journey to promote traditional Chinese medicine and culture through her business. With a profound understanding of the healing power of herbs and a commitment to sharing their benefits, she has become a leading figure in the industry.

Born and raised in China, Rongchan developed a strong passion for herbal remedies and holistic wellness from a young age. Her thirst for knowledge led her to delve into the intricacies of Chinese herbs, exploring their therapeutic properties and cultural significance.

Motivated by her desire to bring the wonders of Chinese herbs to a wider audience, Rongchan established Tan Hua Inc, a company specializing in importing and distributing authentic Chinese herbs, teas, and dried goods. Her meticulous approach to sourcing ensures that only the finest products reach her customers, reflecting her commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices.

Rongchan’s dedication to preserving and promoting traditional Chinese medicine has garnered recognition within the industry. Her unwavering focus on authenticity, coupled with her passion for educating others about the rich heritage and healing potential of Chinese herbs, has positioned Tan Hua Inc as a trusted and respected name in the field.

In addition to her role as a business owner, Rongchan actively engages with the community by conducting workshops and seminars, fostering awareness and understanding of Chinese herbal medicine. Through her efforts, she aims to bridge cultural gaps and inspire individuals to embrace the benefits of natural remedies for their overall well-being.

Rongchan Tan’s entrepreneurial spirit, extensive knowledge, and unwavering passion have shaped Tan Hua Inc into a thriving business that not only provides exceptional products but also serves as a gateway to the ancient wisdom of Chinese healing traditions.